Travel Advice for Entering Canada from the US

| Megan Osak

These days traveling between Canada and the US is complicated – now even more so due to Omicron. Many of …

Change is the Only Constant

| Paul Osak

Running a destination cat ski lodge during a pandemic adds a healthy dose of new challenges. And now that we’ve had a …

So Dang Good

| Morgan Dinsdale

As I open the door exiting the sauna, a chorus of laughter and cheers echoes down the hallway from the …

In memoriam – Jake Burton

| Megan Osak

This past week the snowsports industry lost a legend with the passing of the “Godfather of Snowboarding” Jake Burton.  Burton …

Fresh Video: Season 43 Starts With A BANG!

| Megan Osak

With lots of start up activity, amazing early-season dumps of powder and cold temps to keep it soft and fluffy, …

Off to a Great Start

| Megan Osak

Visitors from all over the world come to Selkirk Snowcat Skiing to get a taste of our  Kootenay “cold smoke”. …

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