Statistics just don’t do it justice. Sure, over 12,000 acres (49 sq kilometres or 19 sq miles) is big. Almost double the ski terrain of Whistler/Blackcomb. But, like we said, statistics don’t do it justice.

Spectacular peaks surround Selkirk’s tenure on Meadow Mountain, framing what is often cited as the best cat serviced terrain in the world. Our cat roads reach a staggering 2,560 metres (8,400 feet) that access wide open alpine bowls, mellow glades, aggressive but skiable trees, and challenging steeps and chutes.

10 metres of snow every year

Ahh, the snow. Locals say the weather starts here. Kootenay and Duncan Lakes fuel westward storms which bump up against the mighty Selkirk Mountains. Throw in a few large glaciers that chill it to perfection, and voila – over 10 metres (400 inches) of snow falls on this slice of ski heaven every year. Add in minimal winds and an interior location which dries out the snow and you’ve got one of the most reliably deep snow zones in the world. Meadow Mountain provides every conceivable mountain face and aspect which allows us to ski every day regardless what Mother Nature throws at us.

The best terrain, period

A big benefit of being the first cat ski company is that we got to choose the best terrain, period. And more than 40 years later, our network of cat roads is extensive and beautifully laid out. The benefit to you? You spend less time in the cat and more time on your skis and boards. Meadow Mountain offers one additional surprise which other mountains can’t boast. There are mellow and aggressive lines with everything in between, providing a challenge for everyone in the cat all day long.

"It was a dream come true for my four athletes and myself to spend 3 days at Selkirk. I was blown away by your staff. Our guides were incredible to work with and did a great job showing us the endless terrain."

Colin Sutherland, Liberty Skis