Change is the Only Constant

Running a destination cat ski lodge during a pandemic adds a healthy dose of new challenges. And now that we’ve had a chance to decompress, we can look back at the changes this most unusual of seasons brought with a critical eye.  

They say, “The only constant is change” and the 20/21 season proved that in spades. Many of the changes we implemented as requirements to operate, thankfully, are headed for the ash heap of history.  Reverting to our old Sunday to Saturday schedule; drivers serving lunch with tongs while wearing gloves; plexiglass barriers; covid signage and directional arrows; hand washing instructions (really?); max occupancies in the hot tub and sauna; designated tables in the dining room; restricted entry at the farmhouse; and best of all, you can say ADIOS to masks in the cat!  

On the flipside, like many businesses, we found some changes were welcomed by our guests and staff and will likely make the cut going forward. These include less dilly dallying at the farmhouse and quicker transit to the lodge; no more indoor safety talk and a faster start to day one skiing; lunches served al fresco with the addition of delicious and hearty soups, stews and chilis; and plated breakfast and appies. We said adios to the morning toast free-for-all -dinnertime toasts still encouraged.   

Being a firm believer that change is good, this past season provided a unique opportunity for us to rethink how we run our program and resulted in lots of new and exciting change.  Between you and me, I’ve had enough change to last a while and for now, the best change is no change. 

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