In the 1970s, we helped Bombardier design the first snowcat with an enclosed 12 passenger cab on the back.

Today, we still custom design our snowcat cabs to ensure that our guests have warm and comfortable rides between runs. We run two snowcats with a spare third cat on standby – you will never miss a day of skiing or riding.

A Pretty Sweet Ride

We have 3 new Pisten Bully 400s in our fleet. Nothing beats these babies for power and a smooth ride. Our custom built passenger cabs are spacious, warm and comfy. The Ricarro bucket seats and bluetooth sound system make trips between runs relaxing and fun – depending on your choice of music, of course.


Safety First

There is continuous radio communication and checkins between the guides, snowcat drivers, the lodge and our office in Meadow Creek. All our snowcats carry emergency and safety equipment including an automated external defibrillator (AED), oxygen, a toboggan, spinal board, and extra probes, skis and poles.

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