When is the best snow? When is it sunny? When is the safest? The truth is, we have epic skiing and amazing snow throughout our season from mid December until well into April, even May – but hey, that would be pushing it! So the answer to the age old question, “When is the best time to come?”, is really, “When can you get here?”

Why Early Season?

By the end of December, Ullr has already dropped 25 feet of his bounty on Meadow Mountain and it just keeps on coming! Early season storms regularly produce the driest, fluffiest snow of the year. If blower pow and face shots are what you’re after, this is the best time to get ‘em.

Why Mid Season?

Winter’s half way point is the most popular time to take a ski holiday.  Snow conditions late January through March are reliably consistent with excellent skiing on every mountain aspect at all elevations. As the days start to get longer so does our run list.

Why Late Season?

The longer days in March bring plenty of sunshine, but are also known for epic late winter storms. Ever hear “comes in like a lion”? The snowpack is stable and consolidated meaning we’re able to get into our biggest, gnarliest lines. That late day sun make for the year’s best aprés ski on the deck.