Our Coronacation

| Megan Osak

As the world closed in around us, the reality of what we were facing set in.  We welcomed what would …

Winds Day

| Selkirk Lodge

Last week the weather gods conspired to throw a one-two punch the likes of which we’ve never before seen.…

Life of a Guide

| Selkirk Lodge

You, the guests arrive at the farmhouse, sign waivers, eat snacks, endure the drive up to the bottom of Meadow …

In memoriam – Jake Burton

| Megan Osak

This past week the snowsports industry lost a legend with the passing of the “Godfather of Snowboarding” Jake Burton.  Burton …

Introducing the Board Bong

| Selkirk Lodge

Snowboarders have got a bad rap as selfish, knuckle-dragging louts who wear ugly clothes, cause mayhem on the slopes by …

Airbags – the good, the bad and the ugly

| Selkirk Lodge

We are sometimes asked why we don’t supply airbags. The answer is not straightforward. When it comes to safety, our …

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