Backcountry safety is everyones’ responsibility. Selkirk Snowcat Skiing operates in avalanche terrain. Our trained professionals mitigate the known risks everyday they are on the mountain. But they cannot mitigate the risk sledders pose to our guests, themselves or their co-workers. We ask that all riders respect the signage around our tenure warning where there are often skiers present below.

Selkirk Snowcat Skiing and Nelson Sno-Goers have agreed to cooperate in the shared use of Meadow Mountain.

2024 Nelson SnoGoers/Selkirk Snowcat Skiing Cooperation Agreement

Be Responsible

In 2023, there were 12 fatalities in the backcountry caused by human triggered avalanches like this one. Sidehilling in avalanche terrain has deadly consequences for both you and the people below you!

Be Aware

Signs posted along ridgetops warn that there are groups of skiers or snowcats below

Be Respectful

Sledders and snowcats don’t mix, especially on narrow winding roads. These signs direct the public to the safest route to the “Back Meadows” where you are less likely to encounter a snowcat.

Thanks for Playing it Safe

Thanks to everyone who respects our need to keep our staff and guests safe by sledding within the back meadows outside our core ski areas.  Have an awesome day on Meadow Mountain.

Selkirk Snowcat Skiing staff