Don’t Panic, Pivot!

It’s odd how things buried deep within your limbic hard drive pop into your consciousness seemingly out of the blue.  I can still hear my middle school gym teacher, “Pistol” Pete Parisi, drumming into our heads during basketball practice, “Don’t panic, pivot!”  And I never thought I would use his sage advice to make business decisions in the middle of a global pandemic, but these are strange days.

The good news is we’re 100% booked for next season.  But 65% of our guests are non-Canadians and with unrestricted cross border travel being punted way down the road, the bad news is most of them won’t be joining us this winter.  So in reality, we’re only 35% booked which is a great reason to panic.  But instead of panicking, we’re paying heed to Pistol Pete’s words and pivoting towards a new schedule exclusively for Canadians. 

This Made In Canada program takes our US and international 20/21 guest reservations and rolls them over onto the 21/22 season.  These are prime January, February and early March tours which have been held by our guests for years and, in some cases, decades.  And this presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Canadians to scoop these highly coveted and rarely available high season dates for the upcoming winter.   

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We’re definitely going to miss our foreign friends this winter but we’re confident we’ll see them again in 21/22.  If you’re keen to cat ski this winter or if cat skiing is on your bucket list, this is your year to ski with us at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing!

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