And An Epic 2016 To You Too…

Now that all the snowcats, safety packs and other gear is tucked away for another year, we can look back on what a fantastic season 2016 was for Selkirk Snowcat Skiing and our guests.

This year we learned there was a thing called the “pillow index” and fortunately we were on the good side of the index. In fact, we were at the top of the index from one end of the season to the other. And it was true; mountains of pillowy, soft powder snow. It just kept coming and so did the accolades. “Best day ever!”” Best week ever!” over and over, all season long.
2016 was the year we began naming our runs after our many 25 year guests. Into the distant future, people from around the globe will ski runs like Miners’ Line (yes, that’s plural), Richter Scale and Purple Hayes. And these loyal, long term guests will always be a part of Selkirk Snowcat Skiing. Literally.

TinaStellaMarlaineWe also added a baby to the staff family, when Tina took a week or so out of the kitchen and gave birth to Stella late in the season. Somehow, we always find a way to grow..

Normally, the end of the season is quiet in comparison to January, February and March, but this year it was action-packed until the end. With a dozen ATLAS (Adventure Tourism Leadership And Safety) students from the local high school. They are part of a course intended for students looking to get into BC’s burgeoning adventure tourism industry. They learned, skied and played crud. Then to cap it off, we found ourselves hosting a Canadian Ski Guide Association level 1 course for 10 lucky aspiring ski guides who got to sample our unparalleled terrain and first class lodge experience, while getting qualified to be the future of the industry.

Yes, an amazing year indeed. We’re looking forward to 2016-17, and we hope you are too.

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