Thumbs up!

Taking guests out of their comfort zone and challenging them in ways they never thought possible has become one of the most rewarding aspects of running Selkirk.  

Last week, Megan and I hosted 24 pals from Toronto; some of whom we have known since we were kids. The reunion was bittersweet as one of the gang is in the final stages of terminal brain cancer.  Some late night musing found us searching for a sit ski for our buddy, Pete.   Somehow the planets aligned and with the help of two friends from CADS (Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers), we gave Pete the chance to experience the thrill of skiing one last time.  Watching Pete slalom his way through a phalanx of friends and hearing his whoops of joy was one of the most inspiring and emotional moments those of us on the mountain have ever experienced. Click here to see the video.

From all of us at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing, here’s to you, Pete…

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