Santa’s Workshop

lobbyOur season must be just around the corner because the lodge has the frenzied feel and anticipation of a cross between Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve and a three ring circus.  And unlike Santa or the ringmaster at Barnum & Bailey’s, I am decidedly not in control.  

Fortunately, the Selkirk elves are so outstanding at what they do, I get to sit back and enjoy the show.

The front entrance is filled with boxes containing everything from new rescue toboggans, guide uniforms, new skis and poles, guest packs, shovels and probes to cases of wine and stereo components.

There’s snackshundreds of feet of network cabling, wiring and plumbing lining the halls. And the sweet smell of carpet shampoo is in the air. Melissa has completely torn apart the kitchen and is busy painting while trying not to get too high from the fumes. Joel is so busy with carpentry around the lodge that he’s like a one man Upstairs, Downstairs episode.

In between tracking cats and tuning up the sleds, Katie is firing up generators, fridges and freezers in preparation for our first food shipment. And, Mel has patched and painted the staff wing because today the staff arrive.  Ahhh yes, the season is about to begin – and we can’t wait!

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