No Phone Zone

”The times they are a change-in’”.  It used to be folks came cat skiing and their biggest complaint would be they only received face shots on every other run.  Or it was snowing so hard they were forced to spend the day in the trees. Or worse, the stability forced the guides to keep them on safer, less aggressive lines.

Now, the biggest single complaint we receive is if the WiFi isn’t up 100% of the time or robust enough to download a hi-def movie or live stream sporting events.  To deal with the insidious creep of technology into the lodge, we made the bold move to make the dining room a “No phone zone”.  And I’m heartened to report that this has met with sound approval from all our guests.

You come to Selkirk to ski, unwind, and kick back with your besties and ski mates.  It’s ok to release yourself from the grip of technology.  Say no to your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, laptop and Android.  Just breathe deeply and go to your happy place.  And if you’ve forgotten how to get to your happy place, promise me you won’t ask Siri…

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