2015 – Thanks!

Cat Skiing Lunch Break at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing, BC, Canada

This will surely go down as a winter to remember for many reasons. To steal from Shakespeare’s Richard III, I would refer to this not as the winter of our discontent, more, it was a winter of discontent everywhere but Selkirk. No one had ever seen weather like this with a perpetual pineapple express affecting the snow and temps from mid-January right through until the end of the season. However, it was remarkable how each week we received just enough snow and colder temps to make it memorable and, ironically, our last week of ops provided some of the very best skiing all season. Go figure…

This was also our first season flying solo as owners. Despite the challenging winter we, and the staff as a whole, proved our mettle each week with boundless energy and creative ways to keep our guests engaged and happy. Staff stepped up and worked that little bit harder knowing that Old Man Winter was not delivering his usual bounty. Both Megan and I spent a great deal of time with our guests, both in the lodge and cats, which provided endless opportunity for conversation. Based on the feedback received, it seems that we passed the test with glowing results and the bookings for next winter bear this out. It was a very rewarding year in so many ways and our decision to retain the beloved five day schedule remains our best call to date.

Finally, I would be remiss in not acknowledging our amazing guests. Each week they arrived with trepidation and left with broad smiles saying their trip was so much better than expected. From all of us at Selkirk, thanks to each of you for having the faith in us to deliver a fabulous ski holiday in less than ideal winter conditions. You often reminded us that it’s not all about the skiing. Over time, every run blends in with the others, and it’s the shared experience of those you’re with combined with the magical quality of Selkirk that make each visit so special.

Thanks for a wonderful and fun 2015 and we look forward to seeing you next winter!

– Megan & Paul Osak

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