Off-season News!


I hadn’t planned on writing a mid-summer blog but we have some big news to report to our Selkirk friends and family.  First off, we have taken the wraps off the long awaited guest wing renovation and Megan has grabbed the management reins while I sit on the dock sipping fruity umbrella drinks at our summer cottage in Ontario.  Whaaat?   Well, somebody’s gotta do the work.  Geez…!  Say sayonara to those leaky old urinals and microscopic showers and come prepared to luxuriate in your brand new ensuites.  I’m sure many of you can relate to what Cary Grant experienced in “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home” so you’ll understand and appreciate the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as Megan and crew demolish the guest wing of the lodge.  We haven’t uncovered any treasures yet but there’s bound to be some interesting finds as we proceed with this project.

The other big news we have to report is that we have secured a permanent and not-so-new home for the Selkirk office.  Meegs and I have purchased the farmhouse, which for 38 years doubled as Brenda’s home and Selkirk office.  We are thrilled that the timing worked out and Brenda couldn’t be happier that we purchased her family homestead, knowing it will remain part of the new Selkirk (Snowcat) Skiing family for the foreseeable future.  The farmhouse will double as a home away from home for the Osak family and will house media, staff overflow, and early or late arriving guests.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled summer and don’t forget to pray for a cold and snowy winter ahead.

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