“Big” Secret

You’d think once the season ends we simply roll up the carpets, turn out the lights and party likes it’s 1999 until next December.  The reality is summer is the time for all the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our guests coming back year after year. Here are a few noticeable improvements in the works right now.

Phase 2 of our lodge reno was planned for this summer but a fantastic opportunity came our way, so much of that work has been put on hold.  Those who enjoy morning coffee or an apres ski cocktail will enjoy upgrades in the dispensation of your favourite libation.  The rest of the work will take place next year so feel free to ask what else is coming.

The bigger news relates to your on-mountain experience which is, after all, why you ski with us at Selkirk.  There’s a rumour floating around that a new cat and guest box is in the offing for this coming season.  And on the terrain side, an application is in to expand our terrain by an additional 20% on the north and south sides.  For more details, stay tuned to the news at 11.

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