Taking Ski Season 2016 To The Limit

This April, Selkirk Snowcat Skiing will host a CSGA Level 1 Guides Course during which students and instructors will be on Meadow Mountain practicing emergency and rescue scenarios, explosives training, and other skills necessary to safely guide the public in the mountains.

Scenic image showing snowmobile boundary signage

Why is this addition to our ski season blog-worthy?  It’s all about safety.  With students and course facilitators actively using our entire tenure, it is imperative that public users of Meadow Mountain respect Prohibition No. 9 which legally restricts access to the Selkirk Snowcat Skiing tenure up to and including April 16.

So we are asking the public to respect the seasonal closure of our terrain to the public, except for the areas designated in Prohibition No. 9 – Meadow Mountain FSR and the “Back Meadows”.  Cooperation will result in a safe and secure mountain experience for our students and facilitators as well as the sledding public.  After all, isn’t that what everyone wants when they’re enjoying a day on the mountains?

For more information about Prohibition No. 9 and the Signage Plan, please refer to our website:  https://www.selkirksnowcatskiing.com/signage-plan/ or call 800-799-3499.

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