Powder Yes, Power No..

As our scenery images show, we are located in a beautiful, yet remote part of BC. Great for powder snow, not so great when the wind and snow bring the power lines down.

Artist conception of problem. May not represent Meadow Creek conditions… OK, does not represent…

Today, Wednesday, November 18th, we have no power at the Office due to wind storm damage. Interesting that the Lodge has micro-hydro and backup power, but the grid-connected among us are without…Tomorrow the 19th, the community is scheduled for a power outage to repair some utility-scale equipment. Either way, we are working by candlelight.

The real issue is our communications, which all take power to operate. Internet – down. Computer systems – down. Phone systems – down. We feel so… disconnected!

If you are out there trying to call, and you get ringing rather than a live answer or a fresh-dated voice-mail message, we’re likely without grid power.

Thank you for your patience. For now all we can offer is “Powder For The People.”

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