Ozie’s Musings: What It’s All About

Every so often, the experience we work so hard to create comes out in clear form…

This is a happy man.
This is one happy man.

One day recently I was second-to-the-bottom on Cascade, one of our signature lines, and came upon a first-time guest, Chip Gingras. Chip was looking back up the just-skied line with a tear in his eye. Was Chip running sans goggles? Uh, no.. He’s got goggles. ?? So, like any modern man would in that moment, I.. quietly moved away, my manly stoicism intact.

Then, at dinner that night, Chip made an emotional toast to “The best week of my entire life..” Well, suffice to say, the staff and I really took that to heart and were reminded that to share that joyful experience with guests like Chip is what being here at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing is all about.

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