Ozie’s Musings: The Skiing is Simply “Outstanding”

It’s increasingly harder to make an effective “quality” statement in an over-amped world of superlatives. When the mundane is labelled “EPIC” and “AWESOME” how do you communicate the truly spectacular? Does that toilet tissue really “take your breath away?” (..if you switch it out for sand paper, perhaps..) Can a car “save your soul?” How, exactly, does switching outerwear become “life-altering?”

So instead of telling you the skiing here right now is: outstanding, stupendous, fantastic, amazing and mind blowing, I’ll let one of our guests step in and deliver the message. The video below was created by 19 year old Lauren Brady, who joined her dad last week – for her very first cat-ski experience – right here at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing. She created and shared the video as “..thanks for the best three days of my life..” Enjoy!

Still frame from guest video



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