Ozie’s Musings: Man And Machine

For me, skiing is a time for contemplation. The sounds of daily life are hushed under that soft blanket of snow. It’s how I connect with nature. But high in the Selkirk mountains, we rely on machinery to get us to that point. When I purchased Selkirk I inherited a plethora of machines (cats, sleds, cars, trucks, atvs, etc) and when I finally got around to adding them up – they totalled 22.  Now, I am not at one with the machine.  In fact, I only carry two things in my toolbox – the Yellow Pages and a chequebook.  To quote David Byrne, “How did I get here?”

ExKatievatorRecently, I purchased another mechanical monster – an excavator. But, despite my dismay at adding to my collection of machinery, I’m pretty sure I made Katie the happiest mechanic this side of the Pecos.  Between glading, road repair, tracking and de-tracking cats, and moving equipment around the yard, she’ll have this bad boy paid off in no time. Some gals like diamonds and pearls, but our Katie prefers machines – especially big machines.

So here’s to Katie for keeping the Selkirk machine running!

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