Ozie’s Musings: “Head For The Hills!”

If my buddies knew I was thinking about things like geopolitics I know what they’d say:

“Head for the hills!”

So, when I recently did find myself thinking about how geopolitics is battering the Canadian dollar (the “loonie”) – that thought about my friends’ likely reaction made me chuckle.

Then I realized I could bring that idea full-circle. The benefits of a “loonie” valued at $0.70 USD are myriad, and some of them are a good reason to literally head for the hills.

invertedloonieIf you are an American or live abroad and price your excursions in US dollars, you can come to Canada (read: Selkirk Snowcat) at a 40% discount across the board! For Canadians, venturing outside Canada for a ski holiday right now comes at a steep premium. Whereas the value at Selkirk Snowcat is (ahem..) as good as its always been.

Maybe even better this year given the snow we’re getting…

I’ve never been able (read: willing) to offer a 40% discount. Makes me a little dizzy…

Now, normally this thinking would be moot as we are typically sold out. Recently, however, we had a last-minute cancellation open up a number of seats in the highly-prized month of March. I thought: “When geopolitics gives you lemons, you make mountains…” – or something like that.

So hey, if The Ultimate Wilderness Ski Experience at 40% off squeezes your lemons, get on the horn (800-799-3499) and book now before some other savvy bargain-hunter beats you to it.

So.. yeah, head for the hills.


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