Ozie’s Musings: Bathroom Blog

After years of customer surveys and too many guest comments to count, Megan and I decided that a guest wing upgrade was long overdue.

Bathroom-blog-new-ensuiteNow, I’m not a bathroom guy but I gotta tell you, the new bathrooms are awesome! No longer will you have to wander down the hall in the middle of the night in your skivvies praying you don’t meet anyone. Now everyone, well almost everyone, can get down to business in the privacy of their own rooms.

Whether you call it a bathroom, toilet, commode, water closet, powder room, little general’s room, the john, lavatory, restroom, comfort station, the can, privy, wc, men’s room, ladies room, loo, latrine, crapper, head, facilities, toilette, bagnio, pissoir, little boy’s room or little girl’s room, to steal from Shakespeare’s Romeo, “A new [bathroom] by any other name would smell as sweet”.

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