Only 285 Days ’til Christmas at Selkirk Lodge

Family and friends spend a powder ski Christmas at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing

While we are still ripping’ up snow as we head into the final weeks of our season, is it too early – or too late – to talk about Christmas?

Some people are stay-at-home Christmas types. Extended family; “This year we’re at Uncle Ted’s..”, you know how it goes.

Others seek out unique, memorable, one-of-a-kind ways to enjoy the “Holiday Season” and for these folks – yes, I’m talking to you – we offer A Powder Ski Christmas at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing.

We see amazing snow conditions on Meadow Mountain from mid-December onward, and we believe there are people who’d like to share in that early-season gift from Mother Nature. Imagine, the best powder skiing in the world, great home-cooked meals and time to relax and enjoy your family, friends or whomever you bring along. You get here, we’ll take care of the rest.

Xmas pic from Selkirk Lodge displayAll the Holiday fixins’ are on hand, but you decide: You have the best, most satisfying skiing in the bag. What you choose to take in after that is up to you..

Our fondest family Christmas memories seem to revolve around those times when we broke with tradition.  From snorkelling at Molokini, to bungee jumping in Whistler, it’s those experiences that rank right at the top of our favourite and most memorable Christmas Days.  So, for an adventurous family or group contemplating a break with Christmas tradition, please join us at the lodge for a Christmas of cat skiing.  Is there a better way to spend your nights than playing parlour games with family and friends?  Who knows, you may enjoy Christmas Crud so much that Santa leaves a pool table under your tree.  

In any event, Santa has hinted at a visit for all who heed the call of the Ultimate Christmas Wilderness Ski Experience. Use our Booking form or call Marlaine at 800-799-3499 to book your new family Christmas tradition.

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