Ozie’s Musings: Man And Machine

| Megan Osak

For me, skiing is a time for contemplation. The sounds of daily life are hushed under that soft blanket of …

Only 285 Days ’til Christmas at Selkirk Lodge

| Megan Osak

While we are still ripping’ up snow as we head into the final weeks of our season, is it too …

Ozie’s Musings: What It’s All About

| Megan Osak

Every so often, the experience we work so hard to create comes out in clear form… One day recently I was second-to-the-bottom on …

Ozie’s Musings: It’s A Family Affair

| Megan Osak

This year we’ve had an amazing number of parents and their young adult offspring skiing with us. With no fewer …

Ozie’s Musings: “Head For The Hills!”

| Megan Osak

If my buddies knew I was thinking about things like geopolitics I know what they’d say: “Head for the hills!” …

Ozie’s Musings: The Skiing is Simply “Outstanding”

| Megan Osak

It’s increasingly harder to make an effective “quality” statement in an over-amped world of superlatives. When the mundane is labelled …

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