A new tradition at Selkirk

Throughout history, heroes have come in all shapes and sizes and so do the awards bestowed upon them.  Gold medals are awarded to the best athlete in a given sport; Nobel prizes are awarded to those chosen by their peers as the best and brightest in their field; and Purple Hearts are awarded to those who have shown exemplary bravery in the field of battle. Now, a new award has been created to honour those who excel at the highest level of a feat not oft accomplished outside the hallowed chutes of Meadow Mountain – The Double E Cup.

Over Christmas, guests Carla and Eric came up with the idea to award the skier (or boarder) who displays outstanding form, originality and creativity while performing his or her own version of a double ejection. Since then, night after night, guests sip from the coveted chalis and wear it with pride until they bestow the honour upon another worthy recipient (usually the next night). Thanks Carla and Eric for starting this new tradition – you have created a monster.

Photo right: Like father, like son, proud father Carl awards his son, James with the Double E Cup.

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